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An Algorithm Driven Personalization & Recommendation Solution

Powered by Motion Arts Media, Engage-On-Demand (“EOD”) shoppable video platform uses proprietary technology and consumer insights to create and deliver scalable video commerce solutions that delivers against your objectives and adapts to the relevant use cases of retailers, advertisers and media companies.

We partner with brands, media/creative agencies, online publishers and emerging technology companies to collaborate on smart and unique shoppable video campaigns that are designed to create highly targeted experience and drive monetization.


Form of Players


EOD products are adaptable across devices and industries to create highly targeted shopping experiences.



Standalone unit can be customized and placed as a branded player on a sponsorship or a landing page, inviting users to interact with the hotspots that appear on available products to view and/or purchase.

ad supported

This unit is designed to be served as a super rich media ad placement that can play video in a traditional or larger size when user- initiated. This ad unit also utilizes the expansion feature.

companion overlay

This unit can be integrated as an overlay above existing video players. This is most effective for TV networks & online streaming service companies.


Key Solutions


Maximize consumer engagement by using our adaptive algorithms that’s driven by real-time user behavior patterns.

The Player

The Player

EOD players are fully HTML5 based platform technology with the ability to transition seamlessly between videos and different types of content across desktops, tablets & smartphones devices.



Deliver relevant content & product recommendations based on an individual’s preferences, social groups, browsing/buying patterns, favorites & history.

Customer Success

Customer Success

Delivering customers with relevant, personalized content in real time, brands can increase leads, boost engagement and lift conversion rates by 50% – 100% or more!



EOD provides a new revenue stream by providing the transactions from the advertising revenue.


Smart Tags

Smart Tags

EOD provides full service and support in tagging all shoppable items for rich interactive experience.

Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience

Our eCommerce solutions are designed to keep users focused and give them ability to complete all transactions without leaving the page or the player.

Advance Targeting

Advance Targeting

EOD provides marketers with the means to act on “big data” by targeting users during a live session based on in-session behaviors across overall engagement with video content and products.

Real-Time Analytics


Our advanced analytics provides unique reporting capabilities that gives you clear visibility on user activities, behaviors, interactions, conversions and much more.


About Us

Motion Arts Media is a group of marketing, advertising, creative technology experts along with a team of advance tech geeks who realized there was a need to make the online video shopping more intuitive, engaging & consumer friendly.



Roger A. Burlage  / Board of Advisor
Mr. Burlage is an established entertainment industry executive and leader with a vast array of experience and success in the film and television business and extensive management and related experiences in several other industries.

Manish Dua  / Strategic Advisor
Manish’s professional experience encompasses over 20 years in strategizing and developing product design strategy with a "maniacal" focus on the customer experience.

Richard Strom  / Managing Partner
Over 25 years of entertainment industry experience, Richard specializes in marketing, distribution and finance of motion pictures.

Kelvin Williams / Managing Partner
Over 30 years of experience in expanding on new and existing business units


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