About Us

Motion Arts Media is a group of marketing, advertising, creative technology experts along with a team of advance tech geeks who realized there was a need to make the online video shopping more intuitive, engaging & consumer friendly.



Roger A. Burlage  / Board of Advisor
Mr. Burlage is an established entertainment industry executive and leader with a vast array of experience and success in the film and television business and extensive management and related experiences in several other industries.

Manish Dua  / Strategic Advisor
Manish’s professional experience encompasses over 20 years in strategizing and developing product design strategy with a "maniacal" focus on the customer experience.

Richard Strom  / Managing Partner
Over 25 years of entertainment industry experience, Richard specializes in marketing, distribution and finance of motion pictures.

Kelvin Williams / Managing Partner
Over 30 years of experience in expanding on new and existing business units